Ode van Eyck Man Red TurbanOde to Van Eyck’s Arnolfini MarriageOde to van der Weyden’s the CrucifixionOde to Van der Weyden’s Portrait of a LadyOde to Petrus Christus’ Portrait of a Young WomanOde to Van der Goes’ The Fall of ManOde to Botticelli’s Portrait of a Man with a Medal of Cosimo the ElderOde to Botticellis Venus and MarsOde to Da Vinci's La Belle FerronièreOde to de Barbari’s Portrait of Luca Pacioli and a young unknownOde to the Master of Frankfurt’s Self-portrait with his wifeOde to Albrecht Dürer’s Self-portrait, 1500Ode Metsys's The MoneylendersOde to Raphael’s Bindo AltovitiOde to Parmigianino’s Self-Portrait in a Convex MirrorOde to Cranach's Judith with the Head of HolofernesOde to Titian's Venus of UrbinoOde to Bronzino's Portrait of Lucretzia PanciatichiOde to Sofonisba Anguissola’s Self-portraitOde to Anguissola’s Bernardino Campi Painting Sofonisba AnguissolaOde to Veronese’s La Bella NaniOde Veronese Penitent MagdalenOde Gheeraert's Portrait of Elizabeth 1stOde to the Pinching D’estrees SistersOde to Carravaggios BacchusOde to Caravaggios NarcissusOde to Rubens portrait of Prince Vincenzo GonzagaCaravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath, 1607Ode to Rubens’ Self-portrait with Isabella BrantOde to Allori's Judith with the Head of HolofernesOde to van Dycks GrimaldiOde to Gentileschi’s Penitent MagdaleneOde to Hals' Young Man Holding a SkullOde to de la Tour’s the Cheat with the Ace of Clubs IOde Delatour Penitant MagdalenOde to Rembrandt’s Self-PortraitOde to Rembrandt’s The Night WatchOde to Velasquez Venus at her mirrorOde to Vermeer’s Thoughtful ReaderThe MilkmanOde to Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl EaringOde to Rembrandt’s Jewish BrideOde to Rigaud’s Louis XIVOde to de La Tour’s Portrait of the Marquise de PompadourOde to Gainsborough’s Portrait of the Linley SistersOde to Fragonard’s The BoltFragonards Stolen KissOde to Suvée’s The Invention of the art of DrawingRemaking MaratRemembering the Revolution: Corday kills MaratOde to Goya’s MayaPortrait of a White WomanOde to Baron Gérard’s portrait of Mme RécamierOde to Ingres’ Valpincon BatherOde to Ingres’ Grande OdalisqueOurika's LamentationOde Amans Creoleile in red HeaddressOde to Chassériau’s The SistersOde to Courbet’s The Desperate ManOde to Dyce’s Paolo and Francesca IIOde to Leutze's Washington Crossing the DelawareJohn Everett Millais OpheliaOde to Hayez' The KissOlympia PingingOde to Manet's Dejeuner sur l'herbeOde Courbet SleepOde to Manet's Portrait of Emile ZolaOde to Whistler’s Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1Ode to Sargent's Madame X IOde to John William Waterhouses The Lady of ShalottOde to Grant Woods American GothicOde to Frida Kahlos Self-Portrait with MonkeyOde to Frida Kahlos Self-Portrait with Thorn NecklaceOde to Frida Kahlos Self-Portrait with BonitoOde to Rockwells Freedom Of SpeechOde to Frida Kahlo’s Broken ColumnOde to Frida Kahlos Self-Portrait with Loose HairOde to Wyeths Christinas WorldOde to Rockwells Triple Self-PortraitOde to Magrittes Man in a Bowler HatOde to Ringgold’s Café des Artistes